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[Webinar] The untapped potential of genetics for health risk management

39% of employers say they are interested in covering genetic testing to help employees learn about their risks for certain diseases.

You might be wondering why. Watch this webinar featuring experts from TELUS Health to learn about the untapped potential of genetic services and how they can help employees take action on health risks, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

Areas of discussion include:

  • Insights about genetic risk factors for conditions that cost employers the most in absenteeism, benefits and other costs
  • Case studies that illustrate how genetic test results can inform medical action plans to lower risk or detect disease sooner
  • The role of genetic services in employee health

Featuring Dr. Robert Bourgault Physician and Medical Director, TELUS Health Care Centres and Samantha Rojas, Certified Genetic Counsellor, TELUS Health.

Learn more about genetic services as an employee benefit. Download our ebook for a comprehensive guide to genetics and preventive healthcare.