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3 strategies to get your patients on PharmaConnect™

PharmaConnect gives your patients the freedom to manage their medication requests online at their convenience. At the same time, it can help to reduce administrative tasks and make you more efficient so you can focus on what matters: your patients.

Even while PharmaConnect is a win/win for you and your patients, change is not easy for everyone and some patients may need more convincing than others. Sometimes all it takes is a well-timed nudge. Here are some ways you can encourage your patients to take advantage of PharmaConnect.


Seize the moment.

Prescription pick-up is a prime opportunity for promoting PharmaConnect. Use the PharmaConnect leaflet to point out some key benefits of the service such as:

  • Spending less time waiting in the pharmacy

  • Reducing exposure at times when the risk is greater such as flu season

  • Ordering prescriptions from a mobile device or computer - no need to call or wait on hold

  • Viewing the prescription order status in real-time online

  • Receiving alerts for refills and renewals and “Ready for pickup” messages by email or text

  • Managing prescriptions for the whole family, including pets!

Try this: Thanks for your patience today. Here’s some information on registering for PharmaConnect. You can order, refill and manage prescriptions online and on your mobile device. It will make your next refill faster.

As you are ringing in your patients’ purchases, tuck the leaflet in the bag so they can review it again at their convenience at home. Use the printed materials in your PharmaConnect promotion kit (poster, flyers, tent card and window sticker). If you didn’t receive the kit, or if you need more items, let us know.


Use the power of suggestion.

Rather than simply asking your patients if they want to sign up for PharmaConnect, try the power of suggestion to help them better understand how PharmaConnect can improve their experience.

Consider the patient who comes into your store for a refill, only to learn that a doctor’s visit is required before you can renew the prescription. Or the patient who has been waiting in-store for her prescription to be filled. Use these circumstances to suggest that there’s a better way. 

Try this: “We can let you know when it’s time for a refill or a renewal. Where would you like your notifications sent? We can send you a text or email.”

Try this: “We can let you know when your prescription renewal needs to be confirmed by your doctor. Can I get an email address or mobile phone number so we can contact you?”  For the person who dropped off a prescription and has been waiting to pick it up, try this: “Instead of having to wait, you can send me a photo of your prescription, and request a refill from your mobile phone or computer. We can let you know when your prescription is ready for pick-up.”


Target specific patient needs.

As a pharmacist, you get to know your patients and their specific needs. Identify those patients for whom PharmaConnect can make a real difference in their medication therapy and contact them directly to explain how you can help to make their lives easier with PharmaConnect.

PharmaConnect is ideal for patients who:

  • Have poor refill behaviour and therefore poor adherence

  • Have large prescription profiles or multiple fill dates

  • Have trouble keeping track of their medication regimen

  • Rely on caregivers to help them with their medication

  • Have children, pets or other dependents who need multiple medications

Try these tips in your pharmacy to increase patient use of PharmaConnect, and win time back for you and your staff. Plus, you’ll be helping your patients by making filling and renewing prescriptions easier, while helping them to stay on their medication regimens.


Additional resources to encourage your patients to take advantage of PharmaConnect:

  • Promote PharmaConnect on your social media channels. Download the digital toolkit.

  • Drive your patients to this  web page to communicate the benefits of PharmaConnect and how it works.