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Pets of TELUS: Meet Zoe

A Pets of TELUS takeover, featuring Nicolette Valdez, a member of the TELUS team, and her furry companion, Zoë.

Zoë is my fourteen-year-old cockapoo ‘puppy’ who began life as a wild child, chewing and biting everything, to now being a mellowed out, calm and gentle soul. She has a funny quirk where she typically sits with her left arm tucked in. When my kids were toddlers, they would pull her arm out and she’d immediately pull it back in — it’s her most comfortable position!

Zoë is loved by all, especially kids. Every morning, we take her for a walk to drop off my two daughters at school. Upon arriving, Zoë is promptly greeted by her ‘fan club’ — a group of kids who run toward her, yelling ‘Zoë’s here!’ and giving her lots of pets. Zoë is a highlight of their morning and has been titled the unofficial mascot of my kids’ school.

A few Saturdays ago, we found a strange-looking bump on her back. My husband suggested we try to get a virtual care appointment with TELUS Health MyPet — our go-to solution when we need to talk to a vet quickly. I opened up the app, booked an appointment that morning, and the friendly face on my virtual consult quickly reassured me there was no reason to panic. My kids — members of Zoë’s #1 fan club — were relieved instantly.

The app enabled us to upload photos of the suspicious bump and the vet also assessed it in detail during our virtual consultation. They walked me through the possible outcomes and what to monitor, and prescribed an ointment I was able to pick up at my local pharmacy within a few hours. Having been a busy summer Saturday with a street festival and a family BBQ, TELUS Health MyPet gave us the convenience to act quickly and enjoy the rest of our weekend.

Since then, I’ve received a follow-up phone call from the vet tech checking on Zoë’s progress and consultation to monitor the healing. It’s also great to know I have the option to book general wellbeing consultations through the app. A vet tech can assist with concerns like housetraining, grooming, nutrition and post-surgical care.

The care, empathy and service was amazing. Thanks to TELUS Health MyPet, Zoë’s fan club was back in action in no time!

With the TELUS Health MyPet app, you can book a video consultation with a pet expert without leaving the comfort of home. Download today.