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What’s in for 2024 and out from 2023

What's in for 2024 and out from 2023

If this trend has been social media feed - you're not alone. We think the trend is awesome. Removing things from our lives that no longer serve us and replacing them with things that bring joy, health or work to achieve your goals is a great practice. But only when the advice is coming from the experts. But the reality is there’s lots of health and wellness “influencers” out there who are giving some pretty questionable advice.  

We sat down with Lindsay Killiam - Clinical Director for Counselling, Caitlin Boudreau - Lead Dietitian and Dr. Alissa Valentinis - Senior Medical Director from the TELUS Health team and got their ins and outs for 2024. We hope it inspires you to think about what you’d like to remove from your life and what you’d like to add. 

IN: Eating what makes you feel good physically and mentally: Food isn’t just about its nutrients. Try noticing which foods make you feel more energized or which foods improve your mood throughout the day.

OUT: Restrictive eating: A great way to get away from a restrictive mindset when it comes to eating is to think about the foods you’d like to eat more of, like vegetables, legumes, or whole grains vs. foods to avoid or eliminate.  

IN: Spending quality time with people you care about: We only have so much time in the day so put your energy where it matters.  Spending time with people who fill up our cup enhances our feelings of connection, belonging, and wellbeing.

OUT: Spending time with people who don’t bring you joy:  Not everyone will meet our needs or share our values.  Setting boundaries or letting people exit our lives, creates space to focus energy on those who matter now.

IN: Low impact workouts: Low impact exercise is generally defined as workouts that are easier on the joints. Think swimming, pilates, barre or even going for a walk. 

OUT: Working out to your max threshold: If you do this for every workout you will risk an injury which could put you further behind your fitness goals. 

IN: Prioritizing what really matters to you:  When we focus on our values we create a life with meaning and purpose.  This is the foundation of happiness.

OUT: Saying “yes to everything”:  Overextending ourselves is exhausting and fuels feelings or resentment. Choosing where we put our energy is a gift to ourselves and to those who depend on us. Saying, “no” is a healthy boundary.

IN: Mocktails: The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction says no more than two standard alcoholic drinks per week. But non-alcoholic drinks, have as many as you’d like. Here’s some inspiration for your next drink. 

OUT: One too many cocktails:  Fatigue, stomach aches, bloating and poor sleep are common after one too many drinks. If you need assistance with substance use, speak to a doctor. 

IN: Being open about your mental health with friends and family:  Most people want to be empathic and supportive - most people also can’t read minds.  Sharing how you are feeling empowers those around you to be there for you.

OUT: Fear, shame and stigma:  Working through mental health endeavors is normal.  The more we talk about it, the more we break down barriers to accessing support.

IN: Early detection cancer screenings: Ask a doctor what is right for you. 

OUT: Fear and avoiding it: It’s scary to hear the word cancer let alone going for a screening. But early detection is the best chance for successful treatment. 

IN: Asking for help when you need it from friends, family or a healthcare provider: Stepping into the vulnerability of asking for help is one of the most empowering things you can do.  People typically want to help when given the opportunity to do so.

OUT: Thinking you can do everything yourself:  As humans, we weren’t meant to do everything alone. It is tiring and unsustainable for our wellbeing.

IN: Rest when you are injured and take the time to heal: Listen to your body, it will tell you when you need to skip your usual workout. 

OUT: Pushing through your injury:  Pushing through is only going to make your recovery time that much longer. The old technique of RICE - rest, ice, compression, and elevation is still true. 

If you are looking for support, the team of multidisciplinary care providers on the app can help. From help with healthy meal choices, talking about your mental health to scheduling your screenings - TELUS Health MyCare is here.

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