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Reducing financial barriers with eClaims


Founded in 2001, Thompson Chiropractic is a multidisciplinary clinic offering chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture and naturopathic medicine to the Barrie, Ontario community.

A family-run business right from the start, Dr. Brent Thompson, BSC DC CAC, led its gradual growth from a solo-practice to its current team of 8 – taking his time to bring on healthcare professionals who are as dedicated and passionate about serving the community as he is.


Removing barriers for patients

Many employers now go above and beyond standard health benefit packages, including coverage for preventative services such as massages and chiropractic adjustments. But often the cost for such services is covered upfront by the patient, followed by a claim reimbursement submission, causing a significant financial barrier.

“My many years of experience in the clinic have shown me that many individuals tend to not use their benefits to their full potential,” explains Dr. Thompson. “We were looking for a way to remove financial barriers, and at the same time ensure timely and efficient payments that are easily trackable.”


eClaims makes it possible

Web-based with no installation or special hardware required, eClaims is a free direct billing service that allows clinics to submit claims online to major insurers on behalf of patients.

Once registered, clinics can instantly view patients’ insurance coverage*, allowing patients to only pay for the portion of the service not covered by their plan – reducing their out-of-pocket expenses and a potential barrier to care. Savings extend to the clinic as well since credit card fees are only applied to the amount paid by the patient.


No looking back

Thompson has been offering eClaims since 2016, and the response from patients at that time was immediately positive – so much so that the service has been an operational staple ever since.

“While we already had a thriving practice, eClaims was an absolute game changer for us,” said Katie Thompson, the clinic’s powerhouse coordinator. “Our patients gained easier access to care, and we improved our financials month-over-month and year-over-year as a result of the timely and efficient payments possible through eClaims.”

Katie explained that as eClaims’ features and functions expanded, so too has the clinic’s efficiency. “As clinic coordinator, the eClaims portal is my most used tool. I’ve had the opportunity to check out the new portal, and I’m so excited to implement it into our day-to-day operations. It’s user friendly, has some awesome new features and looks beautiful, which makes the amount of time spent using it that much more enjoyable. We look forward to a continued, flourishing and ever evolving relationship with eClaims.”

During the pandemic, we had to streamline the flow of traffic throughout the clinic, and eClaims allowed us to limit interactions with the front-end staff while increasing the efficiency of payment services.

- Katie Thompson, Clinic coordinator



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*All features, functions, eligible professions and related benefits are inherent to the TELUS Health eClaims platform but may not be supported by all participating insurers.