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Get to know the TELUS Health team: Mallory Coutu

Whether it’s from the TELUS office, the home office, or a TELUS Health medical clinic – our team members are leveraging TELUS’ world-leading technology in combination with their passion and expertise to find ways to support the health and wellbeing of individuals, all with the goal of building healthier communities and workplaces around the world. 

In this installment of our series highlighting TELUS Health team members, meet Mallory Coutu. She’s the one responsible for making the TELUS Health brand shine as Brand Manager. Mallory makes sure that every advertisement or piece of collateral that TELUS Health produces is aligned with the TELUS look and feel, and is of the highest quality possible. She plays a pivotal role in raising awareness of TELUS Health as a global brand that is creating healthier workplaces and communities across the world. 

Interview with Mallory:

Q: Thanks for sitting down with us today, Mallory. Can you tell us what inspired you to join TELUS Health, and how long you’ve been with the company?

A: I joined TELUS Health a little over 3 years ago, because the brand and the company’s mission inspired me. It’s rare that you can find such a strong, creative brand platform, and also have a company led by purpose and led by its mission to create better health outcomes. This company does both! Merging innovative solutions and technology to enable healthcare professionals and employers, and actually making a difference in people’s life from a health and wellbeing standpoint.

Q: What would you say your favourite part about your role is?

A: My favorite part about my role is that my team has a global oversight of how TELUS Health is perceived and positioned in the market, and we have the ability to create a consistent brand experience for our customers. We can be creative, strategic and we really have input on how our brand comes to life. We get to work with everyone in the company and we solve challenges every day. What a dynamic role to be in!

Q: How do you see your role or team benefitting the health of individuals? How is your role contributing to our overall mission of creating healthier workplaces and communities?

By helping build our messaging, by defining our voice, our tone, our personality, and by creating outstanding brand experiences for customers, we enable patients and customers to engage with us in a meaningful, easy and interactive way. We get to change how healthcare is delivered, from a brand perspective – and that’s really something.

A: Your passion for your role really shines through! How do TELUS’ values resonate with you, and support your personal health and wellbeing as team member? 

By providing resources such as Virtual Care, Virtual Pharmacy, continuous mental health support, health benefits, and even fertility treatment coverage, TELUS encourages healthy and productive employees. 

Q: Finally, what is one “fun fact” about yourself, or what do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m always aiming for the next travel destination. Our work days and jobs are very busy, so I love to look forward to my next trip, and the destinations typically include hiking and wine!