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Get to know the TELUS Health team: Karim Senghor

Whether it’s from the TELUS office, the home office, or a TELUS Health medical clinic – our team members are leveraging TELUS’ world-leading technology in combination with their passion and expertise to find ways to support the health and wellbeing of individuals, all with the goal of building healthier communities and workplaces around the world. 

In this installment of our series highlighting TELUS Health team members, meet Karim Senghor, Kinesiologist at TELUS Health Care Centres in Montreal, Quebec. Karim plays a pivotal role in supporting the preventive health of our Care Centres clients through his work as an exercise specialist.

Interview with Karim

Q: Thanks for sitting down with us today, Karim. Can you tell us more about why you joined TELUS Health?

A: I joined TELUS Health several years ago and was attracted by the organization’s vision and willingness to go above and beyond in order to provide quality prevention-focused healthcare plans for people. 

Q: The Care Centres certainly do provide clients with a prevention based approach to overall health, can you tell us what your favourite part of your role as a kinesiologist is?

A: My favorite part about my role is the fact that I get to positively influence the thought process of individuals by helping them set and reach their goals with a personalized approach that takes into account their overall physical condition, their view on training, physical activity and overall lifestyle.  

The most rewarding part for me comes from the patients themselves – because making a difference for them fills me with a sense of happiness and accomplishment. Having that feeling on a daily basis is priceless.

Q: It’s so rewarding to be a part of a client’s health journey. How specifically does the work you do contribute to improving your patient’s lives?

A: My work helps improve overall health and fitness of individuals and that leads to an enhanced quality of life in general. With the help of our fitness and cardiovascular evaluations, we can help patients become more aware of their physical condition and learn about how their body moves, which can lead to better posture and alignment. It can also help improve flexibility, range of motion and increase strength and/or endurance.

The most important thing to me with my patients is that no matter where they come from or start at, they can achieve their goals and it can be enjoyable. In fact, a lot of physical activities are very fun, and enjoyment is a big factor when it comes to ensuring exercise plans fit into a client’s lifestyle and are sustainable. The more fun, the easier it is to repeat the work, and reaching goals can actually be an enjoyable process!

Q: How do you see your role and or team helping fulfill TELUS Health’s mission of creating healthier workplaces and communities?

A: At TELUS Health, our work is multi-disciplinary and complimentary. We are a big team formed by different professionals working together in order to reach the same ultimate goal: create a healthier future for everyone and I am glad to be a part of it! As far as the workplace environment, we have the best team!

Q: How do TELUS’ values resonate with you, and support your personal health and wellbeing? (eg. work/life balance, social purpose, health benefits etc.)

A: TELUS Health promotes a healthy lifestyle, and provides the tools and resources for its employees to live healthier, happier lives. Helping people manage their health is what TELUS Health does, and this is right in line with what I like to do.

My work/life balance is great because my work is my passion - it doesn’t feel like work. We also have a great health benefits program that supports me on my personal health journey.