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How the Collaborative Health Record is designed to keep patient data private and safe

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Personal health information isn’t just highly sensitive for patients — it’s also highly sought after by hackers. In 2022, an average of approximately two data breaches compromising 500 or more records occurred each day in the United States. Patients have apprehensions about sharing their health information with health care professionals (HCPs) online, and for good reason. What they may not realize is that electronic medical records (EMRs) are now widely considered assets for both protecting their information and improving the quality of care they receive.

Privacy, security and patient care are all top priorities for health care professionals (HCPs), and an EMR solution like the TELUS Health Collaborative Health Record (CHR) can support all three. 

So how does TELUS Health help guarantee that your practice’s data will stay protected, so you can give your patients peace of mind?

1. It empowers patient privacy

For TELUS Health, protecting privacy starts at the top. That’s why the TELUS Data and Trust Office, led by the Chief Data and Trust Officer, sets out comprehensive processes and policies that apply to our team and to every contractor and service provider that operates through us.

Specifically, the CHR is certified as a medical device and audited annually. Meanwhile, robust access controls, based on the principles of a “need to know” basis,  rigorously ensure the right data can only be shared with the right people, according to their roles and requirements.

2. It streamlines security

As a cloud-based solution hosted by trusted infrastructure providers, the CHR enables both physical and digital security. Disparate data centers and rolling backups mitigate the risk of outages, data loss, and downtime. At the same time, dedicated application security agents and powerful encryption constantly detect and prevent threats.

You can also embed stronger security into your user experience with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

3. It supports collaborative care

For healthcare providers, digital transformation can bring efficiencies to your practice and support the delivery of better outcomes for your teams and your patients — but to transform, you must ensure you can provide a private, secure platform for collaboration.

The CHR from TELUS Health allows you to optimize without compromise. To learn more about features including customizable tools for patient engagement, automation capabilities, and support for your privacy assessments, download our discussion paper.