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TELUS Health Annual Conference 2021

Presentations from April 20 & 27, 2021: 

Retrospective 2020: Data trends and national benchmarks

Shawn O’Brien, Director, Data Enablement and Drug/Health/Dental Product Roadmap, TELUS Health 

Understanding depression and optimizing care to support a healthy workforce

Dr Diane McIntosh, Chief Neuroscience Officer, TELUS Health 

Gene therapy: Challenges in determining value for money to make evidence-informed reimbursement decisions

Dr Daria O’Reilly, Lead Health Economist, TELUS Health
Joan Weir, Director, Health and Disability Policy, CLHIA
Karen Lee, Director, Health Economics, CADTH
Dr Mike Drummond, Professor, Health Economics, University of York 

Trends in medication management

Vishal Ravikanti, Director, Operations, Health Benefits Management, TELUS Health 

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