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Happy clients at a clinic in Rigaud thanks to eClaims

Dr. François Gauvreau has been managing and practicing at the Clinique chiropratique de Rigaud for 25 years. The chiropractic clinic, which has two locations, one in Rigaud and another in Lachine, has been using eClaims for nearly 10 years. “I always envied dentists who were able to send claims directly to insurance companies,” admits Dr. Gauvreau. Now, thanks to eClaims, he is able to benefit from this competitive advantage every day.

As a chiropractor since 1995, the focus of Dr. Gauvreau’s practice is acute pain prevention and management in clients of all ages. He offers traditional hands-on chiropractic treatments as well as computer-assisted therapy that employs an “electronic percussive” device.

Something for everyone with eClaims

Dr. Gauvreau personally manages direct billing at his clinic with the help of the eClaims service. Besides making things easier for his patients, this service also addresses a major challenge facing chiropractic clinics: client loyalty. “Clients love eClaims and are more likely to follow recommended appointment schedules,” says Dr. Gauvreau. “When I tell my new patients that I offer eClaims,” he continues, “they are so happy to learn that they don't have to worry about the financial aspect of their treatment.” Since Dr. Gauvreau bills the insurance companies directly through eClaims, his patients are only out of pocket the amount not covered by their insurance provider—a source of financial relief that appeals to many patients.

Additionally, year after year, Dr. Gauvreau sees and appreciates the savings that the service represents both in terms of time and money. “For me, it means fewer credit card fees, and fewer cheques. Far less paper is used and there is less money to handle,” he adds.

Do the math.

Learn how much you can save on credit card fees with eClaims by using our savings calculator.

When asked to summarize eClaims in one word, Dr. Gauvreau’s answer is simple: smart. “The computer,” he concludes, “was invented to make life easier, to accelerate tasks, and to reduce the use of paper. And that pretty much is the definition of eClaims.”

Clients love eClaims and are more likely to follow recommended appointment schedules.

- Dr. François Gauvreau

eClaims: the numbers speak for themselves


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over 65,000

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1. Electronic survey conducted by Ad Hoc Research and TELUS Health in 500 respondents between April 28 and May 7, 2021.