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Meet our Retirement and Benefits Solutions 2023 cohort of interns

Every day – whether it’s from the TELUS office, or the home office – our team members are leveraging TELUS’ world-leading technology in combination with their passion and expertise to find innovative ways to support the health and wellbeing of individuals. They do this with one goal in mind: to build healthier communities and workplaces around the world. 

We’re proud of the work our team does, and want you to get to know the faces behind TELUS Health. 

Whether their passion is Finance, Business, Technology or Engineering, our co-op and internship programs help students and new grads drive their learning, development and career.

See what our 2023 intern cohort part of the Retirement and Benefits Solutions team
had to share about their experience within the TELUS Health team. 

Olivia Mirijello - Investment Consulting team, Montreal (Quebec), Canada

“One of the most impactful moments of my internship was when I began mandates. Despite the challenges, I always felt supported and trusted by my colleagues. As an intern, it is extremely important to be in an environment that fosters learning and growth - and this is exactly what TELUS Health provided.

Throughout my internship, the team contributed to my development in many different ways and  Rachel Anne Latella, Senior Investment Analyst prioritized my career development by always making time to provide support and teach me skills that will benefit my future professional pursuits.

The Retirement and Benefits Solutions team offers many learning opportunities and also have a positive company culture. This provides students a structured learning environment and helps foster professional growth. As an intern, working in an environment where you feel valued, supported, and encouraged to express your ideas is important. TELUS Health is a company that fosters teamwork, open communication, and a sense of belonging and any student would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a great team.

During my internship, I got to work with colleagues across Canada which increased exposure to the business and allowed me to expand my professional network.’’

Keven Day Caron - Retirement Consulting team, Montreal (Quebec), Canada

“I loved the integration of interns at the office. On Thursday snack days, the Montreal interns got to network while preparing snacks for the group.

I had an amazing team and everyone always made themselves available for questions and strongly encouraged asking questions which is important from a development standpoint and important to better understand the work. The work environment is amazing and this made me enjoy going to the office everyday. My team helped make things simple and were always there to support me.
As a tightly knit team, we also got to spend time outside the office during team building  activities.

I built relationships while learning and growing as an actuary. The team made us feel right at home and like we had always been part of the team.” One word to describe his internship: Incomparable

Eric Agnew - DC Consulting team, Toronto (Ontario), Canada

“ This was my second year as a summer intern, and the most  impactful moment of my internship was using a tool that I had revamped in the previous summer. In one of my largest  projects, I organized a database to observe trends related to things like  demographics and contribution practices. As part of this project, I coded a variety of extracts that the team could use to summarize common trends of interest at a glance. This summer, using the extracts I had built, I performed a list of queries and the process was faster than starting from scratch. I was excited to leverage the work I had done and to see how it was now being applied and  adding value to the team and the organization.

A consultant on the team always ensured to loop me into new projects in order to broaden my learning experience. During my internship, I was mandated with an in-depth product review and throughout the process, I greatly appreciated his efforts in ensuring that I could see the project through from beginning to end and trusting me in a leadership-oriented role.

I have been able to wear many hats throughout my internship and got  colleagues and clients from coast to coast .I also had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects spanning customer engagement, research and working on some internal projection tools. On a weekly basis, I would interact with 10-12 members of my team regularly, which really helped me to find my stride. This helped me to make the most out of my internship.”

Sadia Waraich - DB Administration team, Montreal (Quebec), Canada

“The training part of the internship was very impactful because I learned a lot and the learning process has been so smooth. I got to understand   the behind the scenes of certain calculations and why we handled certain cases that way.

The whole team has been incredible and they allowed me to learn at my own pace and process all the information that was necessary to know for my position and I always felt supported. I loved to see everyone working collaboratively. ”

Mathieu Houle Desrochers - DB Administration and Retirement Consulting teams - Montreal (Quebec), Canada

“During my first mandate, I had to produce annual statements for an important customer. I had no experience in producing annual statements, but my colleagues supported me throughout the process.

While my internship supervisor was not located in the same office as I was, she was very present throughout my entire internship. I felt supported through our weekly meetings where we reviewed my workload and ensured  I had the tools to succeed. My Montreal colleagues were also very helpful and were there to help me even if they were not directly involved in my project. Mandates are exciting and rarely repetitive and as a young intern, I believe it is essential to try various projects to truly discover what interests us.”

Thank you to our interns for sparking innovation and new ideas throughout their tenure and to all our internship supervisors for making this a memorable experience for our 2023 cohort. 

At TELUS Health, we are committed to leveraging our global-leading technology and passionate team members to support the mental, physical and financial health of organizations and individuals around the globe. We're on a mission to be the most trusted wellbeing company in the world.

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