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Get to know the TELUS health team: Joli Rampertab

Every day – whether it’s from the TELUS office, or the home office – our team members are leveraging TELUS’ world-leading technology in combination with their passion and expertise to find innovative ways to support the health and wellbeing of individuals. They do this with one goal in mind: to build healthier communities and workplaces around the world. 

Today we sat down with Joli Rampertab, Care Navigator with TELUS Total Mental Health – our innovative solution for employee mental health. In her role, Joli acts as a guide for employees by customizing care plans, helping book appointments, and completing billing or claims adjudication for appointments. In her role as a Care Navigator, she provides essential support for employees who need it.

Interview with Joli

Q: It’s so nice to see you today, Joli. Are you okay if we get started by talking a little bit about why you joined TELUS Health, and how long you’ve been with the organization?

A: I recently celebrated my 20th work anniversary.  Every day I am inspired by the organization’s commitment to making lives better by putting people first and investing in the growth of employees, who make it a great place to work. 

Q: 20 years, that’s an incredible amount of time – congratulations on your work anniversary. What would you say is your favourite part about your role with TELUS Health?

A: My favourite part of my role with TELUS Health is having the opportunity to connect with people and learn about the human experience through the narratives of the many voices we hear each day.  It is a privilege to be a small part of one’s ‘care’ journey and I am often the first point of contact in seeking support

Q: I’m sure in speaking with people every day, you experience so many meaningful connections. How do you see your role positively impacting people’s lives?

A: As a Care Navigator, I impact the lives of the members we service daily.  By providing 24/7 access to mental health support, we create an opportunity for individuals to connect when it suits their needs.  Our digital platform allows for autonomy and access to additional resources to support them while they are on their care journey with us.  We are just a ‘chat’ away should they require assistance. Our approach is not a “one size fits all”. We utilize knowledge of the organizations we service to offer more personalized care. In addition to traditional in-person counseling, we eliminate barriers to access by providing virtual modalities during intake as well as continuous care.

Q: The approach Total Mental Health takes to supporting employee health is so personalized – this is part of what makes the service so innovative and effective. People’s health is certainly not “one size fits all”. How do you feel your team is fulfilling TELUS Health’s ultimate goal of creating healthier workplaces and communities?

Our team leverages the talents and strengths within the group to improve processes and the member experience.  Our supervisors use a collaborative approach to gain insight into what is working well and identify areas for improvement.  As a team we value open communication and recognize team members’ needs may differ. Our personalized approach ensures that people get the employees they need, and when that happens, we’re helping create healthier communities and workplaces. 

Q: Finally, Joli, How do TELUS’ values resonate with you as an employee?

It is rewarding to work for an organization that encourages authenticity and values individual accountability and growth.  On a personal level, I take ownership of how my actions can contribute to our overall success.  Successes are acknowledged both on an individual and group basis. Risk taking is encouraged with the goal of continuous improvement to enhance the corporate, member and employee experience to achieve a common goal of creating meaningful human connections and improving lives, all of which align with my belief: ‘we are stronger together.’