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How employee health and wellbeing can be the solution to HR challenges

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For any organization, part of ensuring long-term success and growth often includes finding employees who can contribute to:

  1. Building a high-performing workforce that’s productive, creative, and resilient.
  2. Fostering a culture that builds brand reputation and boosts workplace morale.

However, there are the four main challenges that are top-of-mind for human resources (HR) teams today that can hinder that success: 

  • Recruitment: What can you do to make your organization an exciting, engaging, forward-thinking place to work, so you can attract the right talent?
  • Absenteeism: If employees are experiencing hardship in their personal or professional lives, how can you help alleviate it in a sufficient, sustainable way?
  • Productivity: Once you’ve built and invested in your workforce, how can you put systems in place that will keep them motivated to produce their best work?
  • Retention: At a time of unprecedented employee turnover, how can you ensure that your talent feels fulfilled, nurtured, and rewarded for staying?

Because these challenges can be intuitively connected, it makes sense that their solutions are interrelated as well: they’re often based in care and can be cultivated by fostering employee wellbeing.

Support systems offered to team members need to be easy to adopt and roll out, be cost-effective, and return real results in terms of engagement, efficiency, health, and happiness. And to do that, they need to be flexible, accessible, and user-friendly for the employers that provide them and for the employees who rely on them.

Featuring a comprehensive overview of the major HR challenges, this ebook explores how implementing the right health benefits and wellbeing services can help powerfully bolster employee engagement and performance.

Download the eBook How employee health and wellbeing can be the solution to HR challenges.