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Spring clean your routine

Longer days and warmer temperatures mark the beginning of a new season and a shift in routine. Spring brings change and renewal, not just in our physical environments, but in our mental and emotional states too. The renewal of spring inspires us to reflect on our environment; to slow down, tune in and look around. It is a reminder that our needs are constantly evolving and that, to keep up with them, we need to continually make room for the new.

Declutter your space

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task without a game plan in place. Consider where you spend most of your time. Your primary living area and workspace are the perfect places to start reorganizing. While decluttering, focus on how the items in your space make you feel, and prioritize positive emotions. The objects we keep close to us can evoke different mental states—hold on to items that bring contentment to your life. Take a moment to evaluate each item and decide if it should stay in your space or find a new home. Clearing your space of things that no longer serve you creates space for a fresh new energy.

Find balance

There is no perfect time to start decluttering — there will probably never be a time in your life in which your schedule is not busy. Remember — spring cleaning doesn’t have to be perfect. Give yourself some breathing room to find a balance that’s optimal for living and working. If you have the energy to take on a new organization task every few days, you’ll have tackled your living space in a couple of weeks. 

Clear your mindset

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to end with clearing your physical space. Spring is a great time for a mental reset. Consider ways you can check in with yourself, set intentions or shape the environment around you. Practice being present with mindfulness. Stop, take a breath, and observe how you feel in the moment. Make time for meditation or reflection, whether silent, guided or walking. Find a place that feels calm and quiet to you, and notice how your body feels, whether relaxed or rhythmically moving. Notice when your mind has wandered, and simply return your attention to your breath. Be kind to your wandering mind – refocus your gaze or body position and come back to your meditation. A new season brings new vitality, making it a powerful time to establish new routines.

Make room to rest and relax

Decluttering your sleeping space can positively impact your sleep. Keeping items like to do lists, bills, or dishes around on your bedside table can trigger anxiety about all the tasks that remain undone. For restful nights and more restorative sleep, aim to keep only what is essential on your nightstand, such as water, glasses, and a book. Recycle old receipts, empty water bottles and magazines. Replace old pillows that don’t provide support. Make sure that the space where you rest and relax reflects your style and comfort.

Spring clean your self-care routine

Addressing your need for an organized space and engaging in self-care supports healthy self-expression. The ritual of spring cleaning can provide a mental wellness boost and lead the way for other forms of self-care. It’s essential to have a space that inspires and motivates you. Organize your space to allow your hobbies and pastimes to flow naturally in your day. Take time to imagine yourself working on your projects in the space. Assess how much room you will require to work comfortably and how much storage you will need. Make the most of natural lighting to keep the space bright, add some greenery, and consider your posture when sitting or standing. Aim to create an environment that allows you to enjoy the time and energy you spend in that space.

Arrange your schedule

A too-full calendar can benefit from a spring cleaning. While being busy can make you feel accomplished, over-scheduling can lead to added stress and often, burnout. Amalgamate multiple calendars into one main schedule and address any double bookings. Remove sticky notes from surfaces and add those appointments to your calendar. Scour your schedule and remove any unnecessary entries. Factor in any travel commitments, personal dates or extended holidays that you’d like to take off work and book your vacation days. Determine what time of year taking your paid time off will bring you the most joy to organize the months ahead.

As you make your way through your work and living space, the ritual of spring cleaning can help you let go of expectations or stressors that you have been holding on to for some time. Separating ourselves from our stuff can be challenging, but finding new homes for items that do not serve who you are today can lead to a more efficient and productive you. Try not to hold yourself up to unrealistic expectations of perfectionism in your home or life. By taking stock of our stuff, we can take stock of our mental state and our habits too. 

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